60,000 hours of one-on-one personal coaching and eighteen years of extensive media experience have made Gina Lombardi one of the most sought after Fitness Experts around the globe.

TV, Writing, and Brand Work

Gina is Creator & host of FIT NATION on Discovery Health & Fit, their only investigative reporting show and AUTHOR of the book, DEADLINE FITNESS, which reveals her signature fitness and diet programs used with celebrity clients when time is of the essence. Gina is a former Contributing Editor for MSNBC .COM’s Celebrity Fit List &Television SPOKESPERSON for HEALTH Magazine & SHAPE Magazine.   Gina has held BRAND AMBASSADORships for KIWAII True Natural Spring Water, SCHICK Quattro Razors for Women, FUZE Beverage, NASONEX, Hawaiimana Whey SuperFood, Dunkin Brand’s Yogurt Smoothie, Purple Beverage, SKINS athletic clothing line, The Healthy Pantry… as well as THE fitness expert for the WEIGHT WATCHERS Start Getting Healthy DVD series. Gina also Co-Hosts the popular Weekend Workout Radio Show and was recently an EXPERT JUDGE for The Miss America Organization 2014 Pageant.

Gina, known as the WELLNESS DETECTIVE in her industry, stands out from a field of pretenders because of   her integrity, her honesty, and her incredible knack for getting to the truth and distilling information into something people can really use.

Famous Clients

Gina has had the privilege to work with famous Actors, Musicians & television executives such as Andy Garcia, Leah Remini, Catherine Bell, Kevin James, Isaac Hayes, Carrie Ann Ross, Clancy Brown, Nancy Cartwright (Bart Simpson), Kirstie Alley,  Laura Kaeppeler (Miss America ’12), Justin Willman (Host of Cupcake Wars/Scrabble), Sally Pressman (Army Wives), John Mendoza, Clementine Ford, Robert Towne, Beck, Chick Corea, Les Moonves, Beth Sullivan,  film producers Colleen Camp, Craig Perry, Nancy Roberts and many, many more.


Gina’s success as a TRAINER not only led her to notoriety in the press but also amongst her peers.  In 1993, she was invited onto a special development team at the National Strength & Conditioning Association to create a nationally accredited certified personal trainer program.  She has served on the NSCA’s Examination Development Committee, was Chair Person for the Personal Trainer Committee for 5 years, received an award from the NSCA for her contribution & work devoted to the Personal Trainer Program and contributed to the Journal of Strength & Conditioning as the COLUMN EDITOR for the One-On-One section for personal trainers.   Inevitably, writers and reporters began calling on Gina for her expertise and experience in weight training, advanced program design, nutrition, weight management and current fitness trends. This brought her to the 2003 PERSONAL TRAINER OF THE YEAR AWARD recipient from the NSCA.


As a PUBLIC SPEAKER, Gina has trotted the globe teaching health & fitness professionals as well as the general public on popular topics such as fat loss, weight loss, exercise and nutrition.  She has presented to audiences in Japan, Australia, Europe and the United States.  Captivating from 20 to 10,000 people in a room, Gina has been touted as a ‘dynamic and relatable speaker who gets down to the grit of the matter’. Her most beloved experience has been working with the US Navy Seal Teams in their Family Resiliency program.


She is an HONORS  GRADUATE from the University of Pennsylvania in Dental Hygiene/Health Science and holds certifications in personal training from the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) & Univ. of So. Cal at Los Angeles.  In addition, Gina has achieved certificates in Post-Rehabilitation Conditioning and Weight Management.  She is an accomplished Stunt Woman and is proficient in Kickboxing, Boxing, Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking and many other sports. And most importantly, wife to Actor Kevin Sizemore & proud Mother of their 9 year old son, Gunnar Sizemore.